A common sense approach to bridge the gap between our communities.


Hello. My name is Seema Singh Perez and I want to represent the people of the 3rd District and Knoxville.
I grew up in Knoxville right here in the 3rd district, This is my home my family has been here for over 40 yrs. I attended public school here and graduated from Bearden High school and University of TN. My daughter attends the same public schools that I did From West Hills Elementary now in 8th grade at Bearden Middle school.
My husband and parents have small businesses that they started and grew to a point where they are able to hire about 30 Knoxvillians.
I have been an advocate in this community for over 20 yrs. I  worked in the field of medical social work for many yrs helping with access to healthcare for women, people with  Hiv/Aids and the homeless population in Knoxville. I took a break from this intense work while my child was young and worked at The YMCA teaching ballet, sign language and Yoga to children.
In my work now I run a jail alternative program for domestic violence offenders.
I believe most of the violence we see in society begins in the home with children seeing violence or being the victim of it. We all want to live in a safe community and this is a place I believe the work needs to start to insure that. I understand how my community struggles with drug addiction, good jobs with a livable wage.
I am running for city council because I think my experience with these issues will be an asset on the council in looking at policy to address issues that are systemic and to continue my advocacy work on a larger scale.


Economic Development

Knoxville has had a great deal of positive development over the past decade. This is a good start but the economic impact of this development has not reached every area and all populations in Knoxville. We must address this inequity.

I feel Knoxville has the creative energy and a spirit of entrepreneurship, this should be encouraged and facilitated with business and educational support. The work that has been happening to redevelop the Central Ave corridor provides a good example of homegrown creative enterprises.
TIFFs and PILOT Incentives for large businesses to move into Knoxville must take into consideration the overall impact on the community. Does it provide for a better quality of life, does the money stay local and will good jobs be provided with livable wages.


As Knoxville is updating the city zoning codes, many residents are concerned with how they will be affected. I believe that people enjoy living in different ways, Some enjoy their neighborhood as is and do not care to live in a business district. Others, would greatly enjoy a walk-able and bike-able neighborhood with mixed residential and businesses allowing for easy access to public transportation. Recoding Knoxville does not intend to apply a blanket overlay of zoning codes and to meet the specific needs of neighborhoods.


Property taxes are the bulk of funding for the city’s budget which for 2017-2018 $358 million a 16% increase from last year. I will focus to cover this gap by bringing in revenue from other sources and spending that is smart and intentional. The property tax rate in the city is $2.7257 per $100 assessed value. One reason Knoxville is a desirable city to live in is the low cost of living balanced with a good quality of life and city services.

Voting Locations

Election Day is August 29th.  Find your voting location at this link: